Reshare- IG Post

Hey, if you follow me you know where I stand. You can go read this post I put up on Oct 14th as things were escalating and my words here are not for people who are Pro Israel, they’re not even that strong for Pro Palestinian activists, they are for those who are unsure.

Resources: To learn about what is happening is not anti-semitic or anti-jew, it is pro humanity because if you read my IG post, there is a lot of missing information from the mainstream media discourse. This is not a Jewish vs Muslim issue. It is not a war either. Lets stop both from being killed. To do that, we need a ceasefire and we need to stop the apartheid happening in Palestine. Occupation and apartheid in Palestine is the root cause.

Short Video about the use of language in the media 1 and 2

Documentary “Road to Apartheid” about South African and Israeli Apartheid

Israel Apartheid for beginners

Teaching Kids Educational resources

Action Steps: If you understand what is happening and wish to take steps to get a ceasefire here are some steps organizers have asked of us

  1. Call and or email your congress members (I called mine Barbara Lee)
  2. Attend a march or protest in your city or region
  3. Share information, facts, stories, and art

If you believe that what happened to Jewish people in the holocaust or genocide in Rwanda is and was wrong, please act!

Sticker Art for Convergence

Hey these are some cool new stickers I made for an organization called Convergence. They’re a digital and print magazine who makes articles, videos, podcasts, and more around organizing and political issues. Here’s their official description:

“Convergence is a magazine for radical insights. We produce articles, videos, and podcasts to sharpen our collective practice, lift up stories about organizing, and engage in strategic debate — all with the goal of winning multi-racial democracy and a radically democratic economy.”

I did a whole bunch of different sketches and ideas with phrases that Convergence wanted to see and these are the phrases they wanted to see.

From there I did a bunch of color ideas using a limited color palette and I was really happy they let me run with that.

These are the final color pieces and….

And this is what the final stickers looked like. I really loved working on this with Convergence and love how they came out. I have been making stickers and merch for myself for awhile now and this is only the second time Ive been hired to do it for someone else which was fun!! I’m not sure if you can buy these individually but I know the org was using them as part of one of their fundraising efforts. Go to to find out more about their work. (I did not design The Convergence logo).

Dig this? Check out some merch I created for the the Self Evident Podcast

School Library Journal- Art of Rob

Hey, its not everyday you get an art book featured in “School Library Journal”, but that’s what happened on my birthday no less. Sujei Lugo , a librarian, Pura Belpre committee member, activist, and avid book blogger for places like Latinx In Kid and School Library Journal just reviewed Art of Rob!! If you didn’t catch the “Art of Rob” kickstarter, this is a 130 page book of my sketches, drawings, paintings, characters, and more. I made it for anyone who loves art books, but especially for young aspiring artists:)

Check out the other kids books on the list, including my good friend Innosanto Nagara’s “A is for Activist”. LINK

Dig this? Peep the first 7 bookstores to carry Art of Rob!

TYS Panel w/ Letterform Archive

Ey, myself, Nisha Sethi, and Miguel Bounce Perez will be speaking about Graff, lettering, and answering questions about it with the Letterform Archive Thursday Septermber 7th from 12-1:30pm. Tune in online, its FREE.

Link to register

This talk is connected to a much larger show at the Letterform Archive called “Subscription to Mischief” about the culture of Graffiti zines. The show is up until October 5th!

Dig this? Here’s a video from a show we did in 2015 called “Of Love & Riots 2”

Fresh Juice/Jugo Fresco Book Reviews!

Reviews are coming in slowly but surely of my latest picture book “Fresh Juice/ Jugo Fresco” published by Lee & Low Books. Here’s what I’ve got so far…

LINK to review of the Spanish version w/ 22 other bilingual books 🙂
LINK to the review by Booklist! You might need an account to see the full review :/
LINK to the review by Kirkus

That’s it fam, if you’ve read the book please review it on GoodReads, Barnes & Noble, or Amazon. These help inform parents, teachers, librarians, etc.

Dig this? Check out the book trailer for the first book I wrote and illustrated, Furqan’s First Flat Top