Ok, so what follows is a bunch of brick and mortar actual physical stores from California to London. What I would like you to do is to visit them if they are near you. Buy my book there and buy other books from them. Support small businesses rather than the huge corporations. If they don’t have a book you want, they can get it for you. Support these also because they have different specialties and tastes, which means you’ll find things you weren’t looking for when you shop. If you’re an author or illustrator, contact them too.

  1. Multicultural Press Pop Up – Davis CA

2. Petunia’s Place – Fresno CA

3. Book Passage – Houston TX

4. New Beacon Books – Corte Madera/ Marin -CA

5. Blue Willow Bookshop – Houston TX

6. Diesel Bookstore – Larkspur CA

7. Land/ Buy Olympia – Portland OR

 8. Skylight Books – Los Angeles CA

9. East Bay Book Sellers – Rockridge/Oakland CA

10. Green Apple Books – San Francisco CA

11. Spectator Books – Piedmont/Oakland CA