7 stickers ready to use on homework, notebooks, sketchbooks, planners, calendars or schedules. This product is especially for teachers, home schooler’s, educators, librarians, bilingual students, and professors. My son attends a bilingual school. And since he was 6 years old the number of bilingual schools have steadily increased. I hope this will be a tool for those teachers and educators who speak both english and spanish. And I hope for those students and parents learning spanish it will aid in the journey.

Sheet size: 4″ x 6″
Printing info: full color, vinyl sticker paper

I ship in a protective envelope which includes a cardboard backing to keep the stickers from getting bent. I hope the stickers arrive to you fresh and undamaged.

Sticker Packs:
1 sheet= $4
2 sheets= $7
5 sheets= $16
Note: If you need more than 5 sticker sheets, please message me.