What it do yall? Translation ( How are you)?

Myself and Joy Liu just finished a new portfolio site for my latest work. Let me know what you think. So what’s new? I have been posting on my other blog little hints about Furqan’s First Flat Top because the book is done, just have to get all the legal stuff together now.

This image is from the second spread from the book after Furqan asks his dad to go get his haircut at the barbershop.

Furqan_homeThat being said, you can keep an eye out for all new updates about the book here. You can read the updates from the book launch as well. If you are a Kickstarter backer, please by all means go open up your account to see the images I’ve uploaded there before anyone else does. Cool? If you have any questions please email me and thanks for joining me on this ride.