Ethnic Studies 2 (Purple)

Ethnic Studies is a framework for teaching history that highlights the people in the United States who’ve been ignored or erased from school curriculums. It focuses on African American, Native American, Latinx/a/o, Asian American. and Middle Eastern people. More on my reasons for painting it here. Want a print? Cop that here.

watercolor portrait of two people kneeling and planting a leafy seedling for Sierra Health by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

Sierra Health: Theory of Change

I illustrated this one in collaboration with Design Action Collective. The client (Sierra Health) asked for three sections containing multiple illustrations illustrating their theory of change. Each section would feature a diverse array of characters and actions or scenes. I did this while adding a contrast of scale of size and composition.

Watercolor portrait of young people at rally and the words "Pass the Mic" by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

Oakland Rising: Pass the Mic!

Here’s an illustration I did with a Bay Area organization called Oakland Rising. They requested a collaborative illustration that would feature themes that include democracy, liberation, electoral power, justice, Oakland, and/or people power. I focused on a multigenerational crowd surrounding a young person holding a microphone.  I created the sketch, line work, and type, while artist Luna Yoo added the color. This poster was used for the 2022 Oakland Rising Voter Guide.
Watercolor portrait of a nanny and two children for CDWC by Robert Liu-Trujillo.

California Domestic Workers Coalition: Know Your Rights

Here’s a a series of illustrations I created for the California Domestic Workers Coalition in collaboration with Design Action Collective. The goal of this project was to illustrate various types of domestic workers as the illustrations would be used to create posters. These posters would provide vital multilingual “know your rights” information. More information about the organization here.