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She Hit Me First!

This is a book cover I did for Robert Alexander Mossi’s book “She Hit Me First”, a middle grade kids book. I did the cover and Rob’s daughter drew the chapter illustrations. Check out the synopsis below. Jamillah is an upbeat preteen who desires a…

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Alejandria Fights Back! La Lucha de Alejandria!

This is a picture book due out in the summer of 2021. Illustrated by me, written by Letícia Hernández-Linares and the Rise Home Stories Project. Translated by Dr. Carla España and published by Feminist Press! Order it here. For nine-year-old Alejandria, home isn’t just the…

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Fresh Juice!

Coming 2021 through Lee and Low Books.

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So, the artwork for Sam! is done. This is a new book I illustrated for author/poet Dani Gabriel and Penny Candy Books. Here is a bit of info about the book. Sam is a nine-year-old boy who loves riding his bike and learning about the…

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One of a kind, like me

Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink Size: 8.75″ x 9.5″ Client: Blood Orange Press Art Direction: Janine Macbeth Author: Laurin Mayeno “One of a kind, like me/ Único, como yo”  The artwork and production for this amazing story is done! This story was written by Laurin Mayeno and published by…

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  • Blowing bubbles

    Blowing bubbles

  • Bean and cheese tacos

    Bean and cheese tacos

  • A great birthday

    A great birthday

A Bean and Cheese Taco Bday

Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink Size: 11″ x 17″ Client: Arte Publico Press / Piñata Books Art Direction: Adelaida Mendoza Author: Diane Gonzalez Bertrand Seven-year-old Dario is excited about his brother’s upcoming fifth birthday. He can’t wait for the party, and imagines one similar to his…

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  • Voice of the Creek

    Voice of the Creek

  • Introducing Characters

    Introducing Characters

  • Daylighting the Creek

    Daylighting the Creek

I Am Sausal Creek

Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink Size: 11″ X 17″ Client: Melissa Reyes / Nomadic Press Art Direction: Melissa Reyes / Nomadic Press Author: Melissa Reyes I Am Sausal Creek is a bilingual Spanish and English picture book about the environmental and cultural history of Oakland told through the voice…

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  • A Request

    A Request

  • On the Bus

    On the Bus

  • Arriving at the Barbershop

    Arriving at the Barbershop

Furqan’s First Flat Top

Medium: Watercolor, Pen & Ink Size: 11″ x 17″ Client: Come Bien Books / Self-Published Author and Illustrator: Robert C. Liu-Trujillo Furqan Moreno wakes up and decides that today he wants his hair cut for the first time. His dad has just the style: a…

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Thirteen ways of looking at a Black Boy

Medium: Watercolor, Pencil Size: 11″ x 17″ Client: Penny Candy Books Art Direction: Chad Reynolds Author: Tony Medina Thirteen Ways of Looking at a Black Boy by Tony Medina offers a fresh perspective of young men of color by depicting thirteen views of everyday life:…

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