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John Trudell

I first heard John Trudell talking on a cassette tape in my cousin’s car driving through Berkeley. Later I would come to find out about his involvement with the occupation of Alcatraz, and the American Indian Movement. At a time when Americans loved to romanticize…

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Ramona Africa

Ramona is one of the only surviving children of the organization known as Move in Philadelphia. Their house was bombed by the Philly Police Department on orders from the top. Their organization promoted social justice, living with land, home schooling, and they challenged the city of…

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Fannie Lou Hamer

Fannie Lou Hamer was a civil and voting rights activist in Mississippi at a time when Black folks were not only being denied the right to vote, but were being lynched by white mobs when they tried. Listen to what Ms. Fannie Lou Hamer had to say…

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