Art of Rob | 130 Pages of Art


130 page collection of sketches, drawings, paintings, ideas, and more (2015-2020).


This is a physical book of art that I kickstarted in 2021. In the year 2022 I sent out the book to backers first and now I’m making this book available for purchase online. What is it? This is an art book of my sketches, drawings, paintings, ideas, and more. I have separated it into parts such as my sketchbook, POC art series, typography, and more. The work in this book was created between 2015-2020 for the most part and is something I love as an object and body of work.

Why an art book? A couple of reasons:

  1. Exposure to art and artists for aspiring artists.
    If you have an aspiring artist in your life an art book is a great way to encourage them by showing them what artists work looks like; both finished and unfinished.
  2. Break from screens.
    We all need a break from screens sometimes and looking at photography, design, architecture, film, musicians, or illustrators sketchbooks can be a great to unplug!
  3. Reading for fun.
    If you want a young person in your life to begin reading for fun, provide them with fun things to look through. This may be mostly art at the beginning, but the more art books you read the more reading and seeing you’ll do.


130 pages
Soft Cover
6″ x 9″
Full Color
Art Book
Includes short art tutorial

Additional information


One Book ($25), Two Books ($40), Five Books ($85)


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