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Check out this short article (5 min read) done by Lee & Low about recent book bans.
Its a shame I gotta post this but it gives you an idea of the right’s (political) plan to use book bans as an organizing tactic. Most of the books banned within the last two years are part of a much larger tactic to make lists of Queer or Bipoc books, ban them in schools or libraries, tie up people in tape, get them to expel their energy fighting it, etc. For the most part it has failed at keeping books from getting to people , but it has succeeded in garnering attention and that was the point. The majority of the folks doing this do not read the books, they’re using lists generated by the right and they’re well funded. I’m talking “In N Out”, “Target”, Billionaire type of money. 
What can people who disagree with these bullshit ass bans do? Fight back. Get involved in your local schools, libraries, and governments and let them know you support all children having the access to books featuring queer children, families, and stories by and about people of color. If there are specific books you’re not ready to talk about with your kids because of their age, I get it. But do not, allow these fools to fuck it up for everybody. Not every family feels the same way and it is NOT your choice to deny them what they want to read.
These book bans are like the bans against the 1619 project and the legal threats against Trans children and families. The right is scared, and they’re trying to fire up other scary ass right wing people. But they gotta know, we’re not going backward in history, we aim to move forward. 
I have two books that have been banned (One of a Kind, Like Me and Sam!). And I have countless friends across the country in the book world whose books have also been banned. Fight back.
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