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Love & Basketball (2000)- Movies I Love 4


Gina Prince-Bythewood is a great director. I’ve seen the majority of her film work and this is one of my favorites of her films. It’s rare that I’ve seen a love story like this about an athlete that puts a young Black woman front and center. Not only as the awkward love interest but as a force of strength and power on the court. If you haven’t seen it I highly recommend it. Sanaa Lathan and Omar Epps are incredible in this and it came out when I started college. Watch the trailer.
Did you miss the last Movie? O Homem Que Copiava.
If you loved this film and want to see more like it I suggest Beyond The Lights! And peep, this film will be re-released this year w/ a new documentary and commentary by the director herself as a Criterion collection Blue Ray.
What is this? This is a part of my blog where I share my favorites films. I enjoy them for their pacing, action, comedy, drama, lighting, acting, score, so many things. I grew up as a lover of cinema going with my parents, friends, and by myself. I’m no scholar but I bet I could find a movie we both love to talk about. Stay tuned for more…..

Black is Beautiful (2018) 9 – Kye Allums

Born in 1989 and hailing from Circle Pines Minnesota Kye is a ground breaking trans activist and former athlete. He went to college at George Washington University and played basketball for the team; the Colonials. Kye had long been queer and in his 3rd yr decided to come out as a transgender male making him the first NCAA athlete to do so (transition from female to male). He has since left basketball. Despite being taunted, called names, and being questioned repeatedly he has become an advocate. Kye now is a public speaker and mentor to LGBTQ youth. He also wrote a book of poems titled “Who am I”.

You can purchase a print for $20 (includes shipping) , email at 

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