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Black History Month Art Challenge 2022


Yo, it’s Black history month and that means it’s time for an art challenge. Normally I call it #BlackIsBeautiful but this year I’m teaming up w/ Fred Noland (Cartoonist/ Dad/ Cyclist) ads we’re using the following #28daysarenotenough (created by Joel Cristian Gill) and #BlackHistoryMonthArt . 
Got a group of students who you want to engage? Please share this with them and let’s get busy sharing Black folks, groups, orgs, locations, etc who should be essential to our understanding of Black excellence. Here’s a graphic w/ some rules. Download it, screenshot it, share, etc.
And during the month, please share other artists of any stripe making art for Black history month w/ us and your social media friends! We definitely will and we want to see it all! Keep an eye out for Avy Jetter, David Heredia, Miguel C Hernandez, and Tiffany Golden!

Q: Wanna see some I’ve painted in the past? Here ya go.

Video: B is for Black Brilliance

This is cool for two reasons. First it is an organization dedicated to uplifting positive images of Black folks using multimedia including kids books. And two, I got to collaborate with designer Cheyanne Rhodes and founder of B is For black Brilliance Shawna Wells. Some of my artwork is in this video! Ok, please follow them on IG, check out their store, and follow along as they share Blk folks for “Black Brilliance Month”. Shout to Amy Sonnie for the connect!  
Here is the video they created using my work:

Dig this? Check out the artwork I did for the Latino Community Foundation