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Janet Bragg- Black is Beautiful 8

I first read a blurb about Janet in a book called “Black Wings” by Born in Georgia in 1907, Janet Bragg was a pilot who was the first African American woman to get her aviation license in the U.S. After taking flying courses at several white schools which denied her a license because of her race . Determined, she worked hard and attended an aviation school for black folks, but found she would be discriminated there because she was a woman. Un-phased, she donated her own money to buy the school’s first airplane, helped the school build a proper runway, and got her private pilot’s license. After trying to get her license again at other school’s she finally received her aviation license in 1943.
She was a Spelman alumni and I was struck by her story and that of so many Black women who flew planes and continue to fly today. She gave a very short interview for the Smithsonian in the early 90s.