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ZINE Update: 3 NEW Reviews

Peace yawl so for the next updates you see here about my zine SS. Vol. 2 (Sew Seoulful) you will see a banner/ or format similar to this just to categorize it and keep it consistent. So, Sew Seoulful (a Zine I self published w/ Come Bien Books)received three reviews in the past two months or so. The first one you should check out is the review done by the homie Issa over at Blank Bare Clean Blog. next up is Twenty Two Magazine which I found while checking out another artists Blog.Then through Blank Bare Clean I was able to get the review done by the talented Purple Zoe over at Ultraviolet Underground/Purple Magazine.
All three of these blogs focus on artwork but each are very unique. Blank Bare Clean cover’s a very wide array of artists, styles, movements, interests, and has been nominated for a blogging award! The sista gives a new name to organization/form/ style in the blog format as she makes the information accessible, interesting to look at and highly fresh. Twenty two is an interesting blog that focuses on illustrators mostly from many different styles from all over the place. The dude covers a lot of people you’ve never heard of before and people you may be familiar with. Lastly, the Ultraviolet Underground is dope as well! Over there Purple Zoe blogs on a variety of topics ranging from art, to politics, music, and healthy living. Not only that, she also publishes a magazine entitled “Purple”. Definitely worth checking out, beautiful illustration and beautiful story telling…Check these folks out.