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Yo! Super excited to make and share this with you. This is a term I’ve heard used for at least 10 years to describe an esthetic, couples, children, and people. “BLASIAN” or “Black” and “Asian” to me represents families and people who share both Asian and Black heritage. They could be specifically North American, but I believe the term could apply internationally to these mixed kids. Being a mixed kid myself (Black, Korean, Mexican, Apache) I identify with this term and hope you can share it with others you feel would love it.

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Kindred Journey 28 – H.E.R.

I’m sure most of you who love R&B and allow new artists into their heart have already heard of H.E.R. But if you’re new to her let me give a brief introduction. H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) first came on my radar on Daniel Ceasar’s song “Best Part”. One of the coolest things about her style is that she is not trying to do what everyone else was doing when she reemerged in the industry. Her music is something a soul lover of any age can feel. Gabby Wilson is a youngster from Vallejo California, home to greats such as Confunkshun, Mac Dre, and E40. She’s a Blasian kid (Pinay + Black) and from an early age her family had her in the mix of music making and enjoyment. She plays the drums, bass, and piano. I think she’s best known for her guitar licks and vocals. In a world of manufactured checklists of artists thus singer songwriter is a breath of fresh air and she’s just getting started. With them shades she invokes MF Doom and Daft Punk with a focus less about how she looks and more about what you hear. Please follow her, support her music, and check out her most recent effort to inspire “Girls with Guitar’s”.

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Fav song: Carried Away

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Kindred Journey 26 – Amerie

Amerie (Amerie Rogers) is an artist from Washington DC. Born in 1980 and raised all over the US and she first came into most folks conscious with a song called “Why don’t we fall in love”. Some people found her sound with her hit “1 Thing”. After falling in love with her voice and her first few songs, I immediately wondered if she was both Black and Asian. And to my delight she was African American and Korean! Amerie is an incredible musician whose voice and style adapts, changes, and progresses. As a musician she has released 5 studio albums and collaborated with countless artists. But most recently she has also shown a love for books, reviewing them and talking about them on Youtube. Not only that, she has recently edited an anthology of heavy hitters and new comers in the literary world. Still working, you can find her giving tutorials on make up, style, and releasing new music. 
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Blasian Narratives-Film/performance

Wow, can’t thank CAAM (Center for Asian American Media) Momo Chang and Roger Viet Chung enough for reminding me to take my family to see this incredible performance/film about what it means to be both fully Black and Asian. Still taking it all in. The cast gave so much of their full story and heart. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a more affirming event in my life recently (culturally,ethnically). Wanted to ask a bunch of qs of the cast but could not find the right words and I like talking. A lot! Still processing. But anyone who has felt the pull between two races, nationalities, countries, religions or more can identify with some of the stories in this film/performance. if you come across them at a theater, HBCU, college, go see them! Thank you ethnic studies gods for bringing this to light. All of my grand parents would have been very profoundly moved as I am. I asked the tween if he liked it and he said “eh, yeah I guess”.

Kindred Journey 5-Anderson .Paak

Yes, the brother is both African American and Korean (Seoul). Anderson Paak has been singing and plying drums for a long time and if you’ve seen the live performance you know he is talented. His most recent single “Am I wrong” was like a breath of fresh air to soul music whether it be slow or with a faster house bass.  I appreciate the composition of the music and the character of his lyrics are not cookie cutter R&B. Paak has been getting more well deserved attention after working with the likes of Dr. Dre on the Compton LP and Knxledge as one half of Nx Worries. But he began working with brother Shafiq Husayn of Sa-Ra back in 2011 and has been putting out projects steadily. With four solo studio albums, multiple singles and collaborations he is someone to keep your eye out for.  Not only for his style, confidence, great album art design, but for his musicianship.

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