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tbt – Ceasfire characters


This is a throwback to these characters I drew inspired by real life people in the documentary film “The Interrupters”. If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it. This came out many years ago and I painted these awhile ago. As an outsider I have no idea if its gotten worse or better in Chicago, but I know the gang violence was HEAVY. Heavy like LA in the 80s/90s. And I just loved seeing these folks highlighted who had been in the life out there trying to make a change n the midwest.
Peep the individual Characters:
Recent interview w/ Ameena

Here’s a TED talk Eddie gave

Soapbox: Do not fall for the line that gang violence is completely on those who bang. If you do not talk about structural racism, the history of violence in this country, Capitalism (because it is tied to $$$), and Patriarchy you are not seeing the full picture.

Old Art 4 – Treadmill


Here’s a throwback from this old show in Brooklyn. I feel like the treadmill is not at quite as steep an incline, but still there. This is when I was heavy getting into ink. So much of what we go through in this country as working people is about keeping capitalism going and fighting for the almighty dollar. Sometimes it makes me imagine what would I do if I (we) didn’t have to live this way.
If you missed the previous Old Art post, here it is: Big Daddy Kane
Here’s an old ink drawing I did of an Afro Pick.