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Character Collage 2022-2024

Ok, its been a minute since I uploaded a collage of characters! Two years I think, but honestly some years are rough and last year and a half was that. Regardless, I still made some art and want to show some of the ones I actually liked. There was probably double or triple that either sucked or I just didn’t finish them. I started doing these collages in 2012 as a way to practice, smile at my accomplishments, and to see improvemeent. Still have so much longer to go! But, keeep swinging.

Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Sister from my sketchbook 2021 2. Sketchbook doodle 3. Character revisited 4. L& M Tourers 5. Sketchbook doodle 6. Mama Peng 7. Sensei Fatima 8. 2023 Self portrait cruising 9. Blue face Sketchbook 10. Fairy Big Sister 11. C.R. Patterson & Sons 12. Sketchbook doodle 13. Sketchbook doodle 14. Sketchbook doodle 15. Mama & daughter 16. Sketchbook doodle

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Character Collage 2020-2022

What up fam, wow its been two years since I uploaded my last character collage. Back in 2020 I was a new dad again, and then the pandemic hit! I have still been sketching, drawing, and painting but lord it was rough balancing the kids at home, my work, and life. So here are a snippet of some of the characters I made over the past two years. This is the 9th time I’ve uploaded a collage of these over the past 13 years or so. I started making these as a way to practice character based artwork for storytelling, and I still love to do it. Always practicing to see improvement.
Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Word? 2. Bruce Leroy (Last Dragon) 3. Neighbor 4. Sketchbook doodle 5. Laura Charles (Last Dragon) 6. Hammer 7. Hmmph 8. Motorcycle 9. Sketchbook doodle 10. Deb Never 11. Crate Digger 12. Sketchbook doodle 13. Judging you 14. Spikey 15. Pink Dread
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Character Collage 2019-2020

What up everyone. It has been awhile since I uploaded a character collage; like since 2018. But you know what, my wife and I had a daughter in 2018 so I did not have the time to do as many character drawings. In fact the majority of what you’re seeing above I started to draw back in November of last year (we got childcare). This set of drawings is all done in dark blue colored pencil because I felt like switching it up from my normal style and using one color. This helped make it faster and helped me make work that’s suitable for middle grade and picture books. Alright, please check these out out!

Left to right, top to bottom: 1. Ride 2. Fix it or Trash it 3. Photo 4. Jet Boil 5. Rollercoaster 6. Jump 7. Bandsaw 8. Protest 9. Haenyeo 10. Donny & Jalil 11. How’s it sound? 12. Pack your bag 13. Argue

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Character Collage (7) 2017-2018

Here is my 7th annual collage of character’s, this time with some typography that I felt went with the feeling. For this year I wanted to go with a theme for once and might play with that again. The theme? Analog sound! I wanted to remember what it was like as a kid to listen to hip hop, soul, jazz, funk, etc. And I’m also thinking of young kids and parents trying to introduce their kids to music.
1. Digging– Young sis digging for 45’s 2. Youth Sound-Sis wearing the headphones 3. Walkman-Turn up the bass boost 4. Boombox-Tapes & the box 5. Play that Beat – type! 6. Percussion-Drum & banner 7. Headphones – meditate w/ sound 8. Listening– next to the record player 9.  VINYL Type 10. Dad’s – who dig 11. Stereo-Remember this? 12. Turn it up!-Type 13. Lyrics – still matter 14. Speakers -Paying dues 
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Character Collage (6) 2016-2017

Here is my annual collage of character’s I’ve either designed or reimagined both with traditional and digital means. My main goal with these when I started 8 years ago was to practice working on figures and faces. More specifically I wanted to create a body of work that could be applied to children’s books, gaming, comics, animation, film, and more. I wanted to explore figures from the past, people of color, ethnic studies, activists, science fiction, and fantasy. Let me know what you think!
1. EZLN– Ejercito Zapatista de Liberacíon Nacional 2. Cyclops-Xmen 3. Kamala Khan-Marvel character 4. Bobby Hundreds-Fashion design 5. Side plank – Yoga Pose 6. Repeal the Jones Act-boricuas 7. Sara KhoshJamal Fekri– Martial artist 8. Mary “Butchie” Tom– Dancer 9.  Bgirl Terra 10. Trayvon Martin 11. Lumad Youth-Philippines 12. Memphis Minnie-Blues 13. Frosty Freeze-Bboy 14. Vicki Manalo-Draves -Diving 15. Edna Lewis -chef 16. Mena
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Character Collage (5) 2015-2016

I love drawing realistic and exaggerated characters. Especially people who are not often drawn! I started doing these character collages as a way to practice and challenge myself over 5 years ago.  I’ve been into drawing characters for ever. Once a month, 10 a year, doesn’t really matter, its more about practicing and getting the ideas out. And by doing that, looking back and seeing improvement and growth. Top to bottom, left to right: 1. Toni Stone 2. Duke Kahanamoku 3. Sha Rock 4. Sketch soldier 5. Sho-Nuff 6. Ana Delgado 7. Ameena 8. Flyers ink drawing 9. East Bay Dragons 10. Lauryn Hill 11. Random sketch 12. Haenyo 13. Green Turtle 14. Marley Dias 15. Black hair Ink drawing 16. Ibeyi twins 17. Katara & Toph 
You can see the previous years here too: 2014-2015
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Character collage (4) 2014-2015

Here is a collection of character designs from this past year. Although the year is not yet finished, it has been one year since last years collage, and the year before that. I started to practice character design to improve my ability four years ago and it is now an integral part of my practice when attempting to tell a story. To date my work has benefited my skills and has lead to work in children’s books, game design, animation, and more.

One thing I focus on greatly is freedom of expression and diversity. The representation of children who are mixed like me or come from some of the various backgrounds in my family is getting better, but we still have along way to go. That is why the characters you see are diverse in their race, size, and gender. I attempted to create a character that is transgender, do you see him/her?

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Here is Character collage 2013-2014

Collage of characters (3) 2013-2014

Been a year since I last updated a collage with characters from practice, study, finished paintings, and sketches. These characters are an effort to build my skill in storytelling by developing the look of the people I want to see in the type of stories I want to tell.

Check out the characters from 2012-2013 

Collage of Characters (2) 2012-2013

I’ve been working on characters for, well, for a very long time. About 4 years ago I think I started focusing on posting some of these gals and guys from my sketchbook. Here you can see a collage of some of these; some of which are hits and some misses. This collage (31-55) is a collection of a more focused practice of character design using watercolor, pencils, pens, photoshop, whatever felt right and most importantly fun. And well, soon you’ll see some more. If you missed some of these, follow this link.

Collage of Characters (1) 2009-2012

It’s a fun and gratifying thing to look back. Of course I like to be present and focus on what is “now”. But several things lead me to look back at all these characters. Such a big part of my practice is doing “it” in small increments consistently over a large period of time. Comics, character design, mural ideas, people of color, short stories, color theory, so many techniques and concepts to experiment with. Wish I could g through each one here, maybe one day I will. Doing these quick studies has informed my work to tell stories and to paint fun characters on canvas and on walls. But what do you think? Any of these fit you or your project? Did you see the characters that were in African Digital Art, Kiss My Black Ads, 7 Impossible Things? Holler back!