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More of the process

I’ve had some obstacles I’ve gone through or around in the journey to publishing my first Children’s Book recently. Mostly I sent out a lot of work, got some responses and offers back, some rejections too. Also i joined the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators. Through there I was able to meet some folks in the biz. The more I try, the more clues I pick up. Thought you’d appreciate seeing a page that i sent out…This is a scene from my book..It’s about the journey to a healthy food practice! The journey of publishing is full of struggle, but we as creatives must never give up.Ever.

Children’s Book process/evolution

Just took a big step in this book’s progress, wish me luck. This is an example of the evolutionary process of one of the pages. It has changed so many times, and these are only a few of the examples. The latest version looks different too.

Childrens Book. Process

I thought up the idea for this story some time last winter and been sitting on it. Up until now. Getting ready to turn it into a children’s book. It’s about a father and son and an adventure to remain healthy. Here are some comps from the first steps.