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Character 145 – Dad’s who dig

This one is for my Dads or fathers who dig, especially my vinyl junkies. I took my son to the record store a few times and although he wasn’t as excited as I was, I’m happy I got to do that. I will leave my records for him one day. Is there a record that comes to mind when you first started digging? Did your parents take you to look for music at record store, swap meet, convention, or thrift store? Who is a dad you know of that still digs? You want a print of this?
The LP the dad is holding is a remix of the record “TAXI” by Sly & Robbie; a record I grew up hearing in the house.

Character 142 – Digging for 45’s

Everyone digs and digging just means falling down the rabbit hole or looking for more of an item , topic, or feeling. This is of a very young lady digging for records, specifically 45’s. You know, those small 7″ records that usually have one song on each side. Singles! I used to dig for records. In fact, I started leaving my high school at lunchtime to go dig at Amoeba and Rasputin’s in Berkeley around the age of 15. I’d usually dig because I didn’t have much to spend and the deals or bargains were sometimes hard to find. When is the last time you went digging? For records, shoes, toys, heels, an insurance agent?

Type Musical 8 – Vinyl

I grew up with records, and I hope that my son will remember me playing them. Some of the first records I remember were in my parents house. Sade, MDK, Public Enemy, The Clash, Fela Kuti, Steel Pulse, an odd mix. The first record I ever purchased with my own money was “Bus Stops” by the Nonce (I’d purchased tapes up until that point). What was your first vinyl record? 

Character 141 – Pulling Speakers

I was a bedroom DJ who still loves music. I bought my first 1200 at 15 or so. I remember lugging equipment around to teach young people the little I knew about mixing, scratching, and hip hop history. To my DJs out there, do you remember the first time you bought a turntable, carried a speaker, or a crate to your first gig?

Character 139 – Listening

Did you ever fall asleep to a favorite record or album? Or was it a mix? I can remember spending hours listening to music; pouring over the liner notes. This is a tribute to those long nights listening to records, tapes, cd’s, and mp3s. I made this last year as a way to celebrate analog music and feel like it fits perfect with record store day. Keep listening….

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