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Collab w/ CultureStrike & UndocuBlack


Yo, just did this really quick loose piece for The Center for Cultural Power and UndocuBlack. Check out the final and process artwork. 

If you’re unfamiliar CCP (formerly CultureStrike) uses artwork as a tool to move cultural understanding about a campaign, people, or an issue forward. That hopefully helps organizers move law and policy makers forward. UndocuBlack is a crew of current and former migrants of all ages who organize around Black folks who are migrating. They do this to build Black leadership in immigration and to raise awareness about the rights of Black Migrants.

It is always an honor to work with CultureStrike as I have before in the past and to start a working relationship with UndocuBlack. Here in this image I collage some of the players in the story that unfolded on international media this Fall concerning Haitian migrants, their rights, disrespect and illegal action by the US government, and more. I stand w/Black Migrants!

Peep the statement from CCP and UndocuBlack:

Immigration is a Black Issue period!

This is the National Week of Action in support of Black Migrants. All Black Migrants deserve refuge and protection!

The Biden administration isn’t keeping its promise to address systemic racism in this country and is employing the Trump Era Title 42 Policy that expels black asylum-seekers. Revoke Title 42 and the metering system of processing asylum seekers now!

Since September 19th the administration has expelled more than 7,500 migrants, including children, with inhumane tactics. We seek immediate humanitarian parole so that migrants will be allowed time to process their asylum claims on the U.S. side of the border.

We must defend all black migrants. Every person deserves the right to seek safety, freedom, and protection from persecution and violence.

If you missed the last piece I did for Center for Cultural Power/ CultureStrike, check it out here.

Tooned In show at CultureStrike

I will have some artwork in this show alongside some great Bay Area artists and CultureStrike collaborators! 
Here’s some info:
his exhibit features artwork by Anthony Coz ConoverKayan Cheung-MiawJaime CortezDiego GómezFrancis Mead
Breena Nuñez PeraltaWilliam O. TylerJulio SalgadoRobert Liu-Trujillo, and Jess Wu-o.

When: Friday October 13, 6-9pm
Where: CultureStrike/The Lab, 1330 Broadway, Suite 300, Oakland CA 94612
On Broadway, between 13th & 14th Streets, directly above 12th St. downtown Oakland BART.

Light refreshments and drinks will be available. 
A parking garage is available on 13th St and Franklin until 8pm. Street parking is scarce but sometimes available.
The venue is wheelchair accessible. Gender-neutral ADA accessible restrooms are on the same floor as the event.
Our Stories, Our Visions, celebrating the art of cartoons, illustration, and comic books by artists of color! 

Cartooning, especially in popular culture, effectively reaches a range of audiences, old and young alike! But limited representation of rich cultural identities and diverse experiences in animated cartoons, books, comic books, editorials, and beyond can feel alienating to many of our communities.

In curating this exhibit, CultureStrike showcases the compelling work of cartoonists of color, queer cartoonists, and womxn cartoonists highlighting these invisibilized and marginalized communities. ‘Tooned In celebrates cartoonists of color across various intersecting identities and their artwork, spanning themes of migration, feminism, gender, queerness, legacy, and more.

Until we are all free!! Site/tool kit

The cover art is by Crystal Clarity and I’m proud to be a part of this project by collaborating with both CultureStrike and Mobilize the Immigrant Vote to create artwork that speaks to voting rights, the stories of migrants in this world, and the collaborative work of activists and artists. You need some stories to share? Some curriculum? Some actions to attend? Some social media to follow that will make you think? They got you. Please follow Culture Strike, Mobilize the Immigrant Vote, and the Black Alliance for Just Immigration. But first, go to 

These are some of the art pieces I did for the art & story lessons:

Some words from CultureStrike:
Today is the day!
CultureStrike, in partnership with @mivcalifornia, @instabaji, and Asian American Writer’s Workshop launch: “Until We Are All Free Declaration of Unity,” written by Zimbabwean author NoViolet Bulawayo.
Signing onto the Declaration are over 65 artists and organizations. Cultural workers like Wangechi Mutu, Janet Mock , Teju Cole, Roxane Gay, Marlon James, Staceyann Chin, Raul Pacheco from Ozomatli, Mike De la Rocha, Jasiri X, Cameron Russell, Aurora Guerrero, Dream Hampton, Hari Kondabolu, Rinku Sen, and organizations like African Communities Together, Chinese Progressive Association, CHIRLA and many more respond to increasing anti-migrant sentiment, systemic criminalization of communities of color (especially of Black communities), and are calling for transformational solidarity at the intersections of racial justice and migrant rights.
Please visit UNTILWEAREALLFREE.COM to read the Declaration (available in 6 different languages), and please sign on!

CultureStrike-“Visions from the inside 2” Illustration

This is the second time around working with the homies from CultureStrike and it is truly a blessing to learn. I learn every time I work with them. If you are not familiar with CultureStrike(CS) , they are an organization of artists from various disciplines taking their fight against injustice to artwork and culture. Instead of always telling folks what “not” to do they are showing what we can do to change the narrative around issues or people. 

In this case, its the narrative around immigrants and how they are treated. This is the second letter I received from someone who is going through or has gone through the immigration process here in the US. Many of these places are backed by private for profit corporations. Many times in the narrative of the media the conditions that these folks are facing are #$%&*( up. Last time I got a letter from a child. This time CS sent artists letters from men and transgender folks going through it.

Please check out my piece about a man who is a prime example of how some one could be injured by the guards/the system and receive little to no support. Many people die in us jails and prisons, I wonder if the practices carry over to these for profit centers processing immigrants mostly from Central America and Mexico.

Check out some of the process shots and follow Culture Strike for media interviews about the many other letters and artists involved in redefining the narrative around detention centers here in the US. It is important for people like me who are just learning about this, or folks who know nothing at all to be informed visually about what is happening. Some folks don’t read, so share the artwork that CultureStrike is creating because there is a movement of folks trying to get folks free from the detention centers and to help reconnect families who’ve been torn apart.
Do not believe the hype about latino immigrants and stealing American jobs. American corporations specifically and explicitly started to take away jobs here because they found out they could pay people in other parts of the world a fraction, therefore making more billions for their CEOs. 

CultureStrike-“Visions from the inside” Illustration

LINK to more artwork: / 
So, a couple weeks back I was presented with the opportunity to collaborate again with the amazing folks over at CultureStrike. They have been keepers of the flame for effectively connecting art with movements, and trailblazers at the same time. 
With this particular project all of the artists were given letters from children who are locked up inside the many detention centers across the US. Now, if you are new to this, these centers are private owned jails/prisons where countless families are detained and kept. Sometimes they are able to advocate or have someone assisting them to get out. Other times they are left in limbo. 
Please check out my artwork there and please share the work of other artists widely. Each artist has a different style, and each artist was given a different perspective of life in the detention centers.
Some process shots from this piece
I still have so much to lean about this, but the short end of it is this: The US private companies and the government who allows it to continue are abusing these folks. Not only that, but the abuse is racially motivated because the majority of folks are brown folks from Mexico and Central America. Another thing the media will not divulge when they report on the story of latinos immigrating to the US legally or illegally is the extreme level of violence, government corruption, instability, and poverty folks are leaving-a HUGE root of these problems historically? US intervention in the respective countries. 

It is important for people like me who are just learning about this, or folks who know nothing at all to be informed visually about what is happening. Some folks dont read, so share the artwork that CultureStrike is creating because there is a movement of folks trying to get folks free from the detention centers and to help reconnect families who’ve been torn apart.
Do not believe the hype about latino immigrants and stealing American jobs. American corporations specifically and explicitly started to take away jobs here because they found out they could pay people in other parts of the world a fraction, therefore making more billions for their CEOs. 

Until We Are All Free-Tool Kit (Culture Strike)

Yo, I’m happy to share a too with you. This is a free tool kit for activists and artists to use when making artwork (stencils and banners) for protests, political actions, and or marches. With MAY DAY (International Workers Day) coming up quick, it is pretty freakin awesome to be invited to share artwork for anyone to take and use as a stencil for actions.

The message is simple, make art. Make a statement about what is happening around us whether it be the unjust treatment/separation/ and incarceration of Latino immigrants in this country, the murder of Black and Brown folks, the right of workers to a livable minimum wage and all the fight it takes to get it, or the shit Trans folks have to deal with. Use this tool kit to speak on it. Thank you Culture Strike! The piece I was asked to alter for stencil making is here.

Shout out to Sonia G, Oree Originol, Julio Salgado, and Favianna Rodriguez


My crew reps hard w/ Las Cafeteras

This past weekend the ILL group Las Cafeteras from East Los came up to the Bay (San Francisco/Oakland) to do some shows on their west coast tour. But they didnt just come through and rock an amazing show, they invited community organizers and artists to bless the spaces where they threw down. That mean local giants Mass Bass, Culture Strike, La Pelanga Djs, Causa Justa, Black Lives Matter, and my crew got to dance and come together to  build bridges. Hence the flyer for the Oakland and SF show. It was a great night with high caliber art from visual artists and the musicians. Check out the shots from my crew (Yoshi, Cece, and Bounce of The Trust Your Struggle Collective), my piece is the one of the kids (you know!). Some photos by La Chucha, Mass Bass, and myself.

Culture Strike/ Fathers Day Qs/ Strong Families

Culture Strike interviewed myself and Amaryllis De Jesus (Ammo) about what Fatherhood means to us. Go check it out
CultureStrike is a magazine at the forefront of the national arts movement around immigration.
and Strong Families: Our vision is that every family have the rights, recognition and resources it needs to thrive. We are engaging hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in our work to get there.
If you want one of these cards, I have 3 left that I’m giving away. Email me and i’ll send you one.