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Alejandria Fights Back read en Español


Hey fam, if you have seen the reading of Alejandria Fights Back in Español by the books translator Dr Carla España please watch it here. This book came out last summer and his been making the rounds via reviews and classrooms. If you know of any educators who would dig hearing or sharing a Spanish reading of the book please share this with them.
Want a reading in English? watch elementary school teacher Mr Limata read it here
Skip to the 11:45 min mark for the reading.
And if you haven’t seen the trailer please check it out:

School visit: Alejandria Fights back


This is an image from a school visit to a school in Oakland. Organizer Heather Appel (masked and standing in the rear) and myself read to this huge group of students wearing our masks and it is never not fun to share stories like Alejandria Fights Back with kids. 
If you haven’t seen the book trailer , check it out here:
If you are a school teacher who would like to get a copy of the book or some resources for it check out the website: www.alejandriafightsback.com/

Video: Book trailer – Alejandria Fights back!


If you missed it this is the book trailer for Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria which came out last summer. This is a book published by Feminist Press in NYC and written by Leticia Hernandez-Linares and the Rise Home Stories Project; and illustrated by me. 
Please watch the trailer and check out the other projects from this team such as a video game, animated short, podcast, and more HERE
If you’re an educator and you’d like to get a copy of the book there are limited free copies here.

Latinxs In Kid Lit Interview


Recently me and Leticia got on Latinxs in Kid Lit to interview each other and talk a bit about the making of this picture book. Its an audio piece so go to the blog and give it a listen! Shout out to Cindy from the blog for giving us a space to talk.
A few years back some of my work was featured on Latinxs in Kid Lit:
Pura Belpre illustration
Furqan’s First bilingual picture book

Book review: At Home Librarian

Yo, we got a review by Tibby Wroten who runs the “At Home Librarian” blog where she reviews a diverse array of kid lit so parents, librarians, booksellers, and book lovers can learn about cool new books. Check it out HERE.
Here’s a quote from the review:

“the book is a roadmap of sorts or how kids and adults can take steps to protect their communities. While this story is particular to gentrification, the ideas behind organizing community are the same no matter what issue you take on. I also really appreciate the ideas presented here around organizing the people around you to show up to City Hall to speak at council meetings and also getting plugged into organizations working specifically on the issue at hand. Most books for kids that talk about “activism” are about making signs and showing up at marches they didn’t organize.”

And if you check out this link, you can see some other books of mine that she’s reviewed.


Alejandria Fights Back is OUT TODAY!


TODAY is the day fam, please check out my video introducing “Alejandria Fights Back” written by Leticia Hernandez & The Rise Home Stories Project, translated by Profesora Dr Carla España , and pub by Feminist Press in NYC.

This project “Alejandria Fights Back” was a collaborative one for the books. Got to work with filmmakers and organizers in the Bay Area, Michigan, North Carolina, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Georgia, and the publisher is in NYC. It has been a ride and there are some videos, posts, etc to come.
Its hella different doing a virtual book release y’all. So I appreciate any and all support. Shout out to Josh Healey who said “I think you should apply to this” He was right! Here’s the synopsis:

Here is the book trailer:
Please watch and share it!

If you missed it, check out the features on Social Justice Books and Rethinking Schools.

Rethinking Schools feature for Alejandria


Yo, this just in, my new book “Alejandria Fights Back” got a mention in the new “Rethinking Schools” magazine. If you’re not hip, this magazine has been around since the mid 80s in Milwaukee by educators. They saw that the history books they had at the time were wack (still are, but getting better) and they decided to compile lessons for the babies involving ethnic studies, what would today be excluded as critical race theory, and social justice. As a trusted source by educators all over the US, and internationally. So, suffice to say this nod in the form of a feature is BIG and I have so much respect. If you want to get a physical or digital copy go here.
I was fortunate enough to do some artwork for the magazine many moons ago, peep that here. And shout out to AD Nancy Zucker! If you missed the post about Social Justice books, peep that here.

Alejandria Fights back featured on “Social Justice Books”


    Yo, this is pretty amazing to make it to the front of the NEW books page on Social Justice Books‘ site! If you didn’t already know SJB is one of the biggest and most organized sites for both diverse and progressive minded books in kid lit for kids pre school aged up until high school and college. PLEASE do me a favor and subscribe to their newsletter, follow them, check out their many book lists, and support them! This is especially true for all those who ask, where are the diverse books? or Where are the socially conscious books?

That being said, I want to givce a BIG shout out to Teaching For Change who are the organizers behind the Social Justice Books site. Thank you for championing books and educators trying to teach the babies. And please keep an eye out for Alejandria Fights Back/ La Lucha de Alejandria when it comes out. You can preorder the book here. And check out my previous post about the book here.
PS: If you look closely you can see a second book on the 2021 new bks page that I illustrated by this awesome lady.

Press for Alejandria Fights Back!


Fam, as some of you saw my new picture book Alejandria Fights Back is coming out this summer, and I wrote a little bit about it here. But check this out, Leticia (the author along w/ Rise Home Stories Project) got a write up in Mission Local newspaper! 
Read the article HERE.
And if you’re interested you can preorder your copy here.
Also, if you’re in SF this Sunday, bring your babies to come hear the book read by Leticia and Me!