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O Homem Que Copiava (2003) – Movies I Love 3

I saw this film a long time ago via Netflix when it was a service that sent you dvd’s in the mail that you watched and then sent back. Yes, I’m that old, haha. But for real, the awesomeness of this film reminds me that I need to watch more foreign cinema. Without spoiling too much I’ll say this is about a stalker, a heist, and human connection. Please check out the trailer and watch it!! 
The last movie I mentioned that I love is “Mo Better Blues” by Spike Lee.
What is this? This is a part of my blog where I share my favorites films. I enjoy them for their pacing, action, comedy, drama, lighting, acting, score, so many things. I grew up as a lover of cinema going with my parents, friends, and by myself. I’m no scholar but I bet I could find a movie we both love to talk about. Stay tuned for more…..