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Jamil, Maria, & Family – Fridays for Falestin

The purpose of this image and the following images are to share a fundraising campaign for a family who fled Gaza. It is organized by a relative of the family based in the US who represents the Alborno family. Please see the link in my bio for the full story and like, comment, share, and contribute if you can.

Image Description:
A set of slides with hand drawn watercolor illustrations of Jamil and Maria, Pal es tinian children around 2 and 5. Both portraits are held within a circle with an earthy green background, reds and auburns in their hair, warm skin tones and purple shirts. Maria has her hair in pigtails, and is smiling softly, while Jamil has lightly tousled hair with smile open and wide. There is a cream hand drawn background with yellow hearts and purple bursts on each slide and the text below Gofundme Link

Slide 1:
“Help Jamil Maria and Family
Fridays for Fal es tine
Slide 2:
“Jamil, Maria, siblings, and parents fled Gah zah to Turkey and need help recovering
Can’t help right now? Please help spread the word, Like, comment, and share”
Slide 3:
“Join Artists for Radical Imagination every Friday as we share a verified fundraiser to directly support a family in Gah zah. Follow and use the hashtag: #FridaysForFalestin

Art by @robert_tres text by Rob + @vulpinicvestements repping #artistsforradicalimagination Fridays for Fal’ es tin

Dig this? Check out this direct action for Palestine

Direct Action @ BlackRock for Palestine

video by Arthur Koch

This was dope af to contribute to this action. Saw homies who I hadn’t seen a long time and met some new friends. @donoharmcoalition rallied artists , healthcare workers, parents, kids, elders, and more to make a bold statement but shutting down this block in front of the wealthiest investment firm in Frisco who funds Israel’s crimes. The message was clear-stop funding this genocidal settler colony! Stop bombing hospitals! Shout out to my sis @nancypili for getting me the call and shout out to my sis @cececarpio for rocking w/me and all the volunteers who came and painted this hella fast. #freepalestine ❤️ Ceasfire! End the occupation now!

To join the call for an immediate ceasefire, CLICK HERE

For more info about “Do No Harm” follow them here

Dig this? Check out this link to download free non commercial use artwork in support of Palestine

Video by Arthur Koch. To join the call for Ceasefire: LINK

The Nakba – historical video by Vox

One of the most strategic things those in power do to shape public opinion is to control the narrative, They do this by omitting, blocking, and often erasing the history of the oppressed peoples. This video shows what has been left out of most history books and discussions of freedom when it comes to Palestine and the creation of the state of Israel. It is not anti-semetic to discuss the true history of how this state came to be through the British and the United States involvement and support. It is anti-semetic however to deny that the Jewish people were not persecuted and murdered during WW2! History is powerful yall.

Please watch and share

Dig this? Check out this video of how apartheid works today in occupied Palestine aka Israel. 

Donating bks for Palestine!


What up fam, so if you follow my blog, my social media, etc you know that I am very pro Palestine and have made artwork voicing that support as a way to let my folks know and encourage other artists who agree to share. With this past few months attacks on Palestine by Israel’s Zionist govt and their continued policies more people are waking up and finding out the conflict is not really a conflict but an apartheid system and a genocide of the Palestinian people. 
So, the homie put out a call and I answered along with many others in the kidlit world. I put up a book bundle and a 1 on 1 chat about kids book illustration. So, please go to the their page and bid on some of these books, art, book swag, etc. And there are professional services there for folks who are actively trying to get into the kidlit world like manuscript critiques for multiple forms of kids books. Thanks in advance for your support. And for supporting Palestinian kids and families, and the people!
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Handstyles 10 – Free Palestine

“If you’re not careful the newspapers (insert today’s media) will have you hating the people being oppressed, and loving the people who are oppressing” -Malcolm X

I would just like to give a continuous shout out to the people of Palestine, all of the refugees of Palestinian descent, the Jewish folks who also support, and all the folks around the world who support the right of Palestine to be free.  Free of apartheid rules, free to return to their homes and lands, and freedom from the oppressive regime of Israel (supported by the US Govt). It is not a conflict, it is a genocidal land grab. It is not a border, it is an illegal wall. I am not anti-semitic, I am anti oppressive regime (zionism). It is not a balanced number of people killing each other, it is one heavily funded and armed super state who have stolen land and lives, trying to kill, starve, and push a people off their land. Stay woke when it comes to the media framing of the issues from the statistics they push, to which experts are allowed to speak, to the words they use to describe the struggle there. How can you support? Boycott, divest, from Israeli products, support, travel, etc. Support Palestinian organizations who support a free Palestine. Support Palestinian businesses and artists. You can support a free Palestine, by saying it, and showing up in the streets, online, through organizing, with your dollars, and by learning. I also want to be clear that I am not advocating violence against the people of Israel, I am advocating that the boot of the Israeli Zionist gov’t be taken off the necks of Palestinian people.

To my Palestinian supporters, please comment or tag an organization doing good work so folks know. And please correct me if I have mis-spoken.

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Oakland Solidarity mural w/Palestine-Video

My crew got down on this wall along with some very talented artists from Palestine to LA, mentors, graff, and street artists. Check out the video and the work the folks in it are doing. Me and my lady went to the opening of this mural and got to learn more about the struggle Palestinian peoples are dealing with.