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Jerry Lawson – Google Doodle + game


This is really cool to see this man starting to get his dues and recognition. Props to Google for this one and much love to Jerry’s kids Karen and Anderson for continuing to build on their fathers legacy so kids of all kinds can be inspired. More background on Jerry.
Dig this? Check out this painting of Jerry I did
Although this google doodle and others like it are awesome for celebrating hidden figures the fact that Google’ workforce has such a tiny Black employee presence is fucked up. Peep this video

1619-2020 W/ Nikole Hannah Jones

Loved Nikole’s reporting before I even knew who she was. When I discovered the link between her reporting and her I was in awe. Still am. If you haven’t read “The 1619 Project” I recommend it.

This talk is about that, but more it is about providing actual concrete things white people can do to reach racial equity and so much of that has to do with acknowledging America’s past, teaching it, and owning it.

One of the most poignant points she makes here is about tech companies and corporations trying to seize the current moment, not by committing to large shifts in their hiring practices but to saying “Black Lives Matter” in a tweet or giving laptops to students. I wish I could say more, but take a listen.