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Dakota Access pipeline-The banks who support it

Looking shit up in btwn work. Over 38 banks have loaned or given over $10 billion dollars to the four partners trying to push the Dakota Access pipeline thru. Amazing that over “188” tribes from South America to Canada have come together (historically) since last Spring to say NO TO the pipeline. Heres a list of the banks that gave the pipeline builders (Dakota Access, Energy Transfer Partners, Sunoco, and Energy Transfer Equity) money. The banks trying to profit from this are in the US, Canada, Japan, Germany, Scotland, UK, Italy, the Netherlands, France, Switzerland, etc more.…/who’s-banking-dakota-acc…
Whats it about? Money, power, white supremacy. Its about protecting water, standing up to empire, class, and racism-for the last millennia. They did reroute this thing to respect the wishes of another community too.
In awe. Respect to the water protectors. Many ways to voice support for water protectors- You can go there (w/ respect), support food, supplies, doctors going there (as so many of have been doing), you can pressure these banks, close accts, MAKE ART, call the white house, the army corps…….just sharing
please follow the hashtag #NODAPL for more info, art, etc.