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RIP Tony Coleman – Hard Knock Radio


Man, I didn’t know Tony personally but listening to some old interviews with him and reflecting on the interactions I had with him with movement work and at his shop,; he was always super kind dude. I didn’t know he served time or even that he was from Frisco. But I remember seeing him in those meetings, those events supporting community through actions and words. Then later he opened up a bike shop in West Oakland on historic 7th street. I remember reintroducing myself to him and he said “I remember you and you son’s mother”. I think I was searching for a bike for my son at the time and came back years later during the pandemic to buy a used track bike. I told hella people about his shop because it was dope. Affordable, quality, used bikes for kids, adults, women, and I’m sad to hear about this brother’s passing.

link to listen– date of dedicated show is October 11th, 2022

Listen to these audio clips from the Bay’s “Hard Knock Radio” a station that definitely contributed to my consciousness and knowledge as a hip hop lover, artist, and supporter of progressive social justice movement. I see on Tony’s funeral they requested folks wear red, gold, and white and I know exactly what that means since my own uncle born in SF 1964 just passed away and was a huge niner fan. Rest in peace to this brother and my condolences to his family.

Also, check out this interview he did with JR for Bayview Newspaper

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