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Purple Headphones: Music Inspired

Hey, continuing with this series of music. When I think of the inspiration for this I think of those that remember riding or walking around with some headphones and a walkman, CD, or MP3 player just playing some dope music. The feeling of curating your ride to school or work, or just really getting all your songs ready for a road trip. It’s that feeling of being still and playing music that makes you come alive. That kind of love.

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Character 144 – Stereo

How many of you had a stacked stereo system like this in your home growing up? Mine was similar to this, with a turntable for playing records, a cassette deck, and an amplifier. Parents had an eclectic record collection underneath too. What was your favorite to listen to from your parents collection of music (cd, tape, or vinyl)? 

Character 140 – Youth Sound

Here’s a thought. The sound of the youth is different. Sometimes I love it, sometimes I don’t like it at all. But the only constant is change. What they do has to be different in some way. What I pay attention to is the way they dance to it, the happiness or confidence that comes through. No matter what they (the youth) do they have echoes of the previous generations. What song are you or were you excited to play for your child? For me, most recently it was Paris-the devil made me do it. In the past it was Jimi Hendrix.