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Collab w/ CultureStrike & UndocuBlack


Yo, just did this really quick loose piece for The Center for Cultural Power and UndocuBlack. Check out the final and process artwork. 

If you’re unfamiliar CCP (formerly CultureStrike) uses artwork as a tool to move cultural understanding about a campaign, people, or an issue forward. That hopefully helps organizers move law and policy makers forward. UndocuBlack is a crew of current and former migrants of all ages who organize around Black folks who are migrating. They do this to build Black leadership in immigration and to raise awareness about the rights of Black Migrants.

It is always an honor to work with CultureStrike as I have before in the past and to start a working relationship with UndocuBlack. Here in this image I collage some of the players in the story that unfolded on international media this Fall concerning Haitian migrants, their rights, disrespect and illegal action by the US government, and more. I stand w/Black Migrants!

Peep the statement from CCP and UndocuBlack:

Immigration is a Black Issue period!

This is the National Week of Action in support of Black Migrants. All Black Migrants deserve refuge and protection!

The Biden administration isn’t keeping its promise to address systemic racism in this country and is employing the Trump Era Title 42 Policy that expels black asylum-seekers. Revoke Title 42 and the metering system of processing asylum seekers now!

Since September 19th the administration has expelled more than 7,500 migrants, including children, with inhumane tactics. We seek immediate humanitarian parole so that migrants will be allowed time to process their asylum claims on the U.S. side of the border.

We must defend all black migrants. Every person deserves the right to seek safety, freedom, and protection from persecution and violence.

If you missed the last piece I did for Center for Cultural Power/ CultureStrike, check it out here.