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Art Action – No To Public Charge

Art by Innosanto Nagara

Yo, check out the artwork these artists created to protest Trump’s new “Public Charge Law” which basically says the onlky immigrants who can come to the US must be middle class or wealthy. Immigrants who need things like medical or other governments subsidies will not get to be citizens.

Check out more artwork from this action that took place in Oakland on Tuesday.

Keep Families Together

  • So, they’re separating brown families again. As someone who works actively with and for children I’m furious! Enraged actually. But, here are some ways you can do to fight back if u disagree with separating children from their families and traumatizing them for life. 1. Don’t turn away. Look, see it, research it, get informed. Make art about it!! Art cuts through the BS. 2. Go to a protest, there have been many recently. There u can connect w/others who also disagree and are organizing against the US Govt racist policies. Don’t believe the hype, protest is a powerful tactic 3. Support organizations who support migrants and refugees 4. Call, email, write your congress member in your state. If you’re in Cali that’s Barbara Lee 5. Donate funds to organizations doing the work such as @conmijente @grassroots_leadership (feel free to tag some here and I’ll add to the post) 6. Peep the context. The US has been separating children of color (Black, lndigenous, Latino, Asian) from their families for centuries. It is not about law and legality it is about racism, white supremacy, theft, money, and power