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La Pena Time Lapsed Video

I had the pleasure of painting this mural a month ago with my crew “the Trust Your Struggle Collective“and here is a time Lapsed Video from the process.If you’re feeling the editing style, go check out Bounce, he chopped it up. Big shouts out to Borish,Bounce,Cece,Shaun Burner,Yoshi, Joy liu, Lena perez, Susie lundy, Sarah Guerra, Nancy Hernandez, Anthony Navarro,Everyone who came through while we painted,Pablo from Valparaiso Cafe, Brian and Osha,DJ Wonway, Lena, Angela Blanca, and I’m sure I’m forgetting somebody, but it was a collaboration of a lot of people that made this happen!If you are in the bay this week, go see Anita Tijoux perform on Thursday at La pena!

El Relevo by Trust Your Struggle Collective at La Peña from Trust Your Struggle on Vimeo.