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My crew reps hard w/ Las Cafeteras

This past weekend the ILL group Las Cafeteras from East Los came up to the Bay (San Francisco/Oakland) to do some shows on their west coast tour. But they didnt just come through and rock an amazing show, they invited community organizers and artists to bless the spaces where they threw down. That mean local giants Mass Bass, Culture Strike, La Pelanga Djs, Causa Justa, Black Lives Matter, and my crew got to dance and come together to  build bridges. Hence the flyer for the Oakland and SF show. It was a great night with high caliber art from visual artists and the musicians. Check out the shots from my crew (Yoshi, Cece, and Bounce of The Trust Your Struggle Collective), my piece is the one of the kids (you know!). Some photos by La Chucha, Mass Bass, and myself.