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I’m coming to Los Angeles for Unique Markets!

Hey folks, I’m on my way to Los Angeles this weekend for the 15th annual Spring Unique Markets! This is a BIG 2 day market in downtown LA featuring local artisans selling art, jewelry, pottery, clothes, plants, and more. I’ll have books, prints, stickers, etc there. Bring you and your family to the event to shop local or just say hi. I hope to see you there. More info here.

You can visit Unique Markets on Instagram to see some photos and videos from the event.

Here’s an interview with the founder of the markets…

Here are some fotos from the market over the years to get an idea of the vibe.

Dig this? Check out these photos of my booth set up from the Craneway Craft Fair

Erin Yoshi short doc


Hey, Erin Yoshi (Trust Your Struggle, Few and Far, COI) has a new short doc about her mural work. Check it out at this LINK.
This is my sister right here and I’m always inspired by her words and her work. 
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Giant Robot Documentary


This is pretty cool. Giant Robot was one of those cool indy magazines exploring a side of Asian American life completely ignored in most other publications. I saw them sparsely as a young artist but hella appreciate the work the co-founders did to shine a light on AAPI creators and the many subcultures they are a part of. The Giant Robot store on Sawtelle in Japantown was one of the first shops to carry Furqan’s First Flat Top in LA. What started as a zine became a movement.
Watch the whole episode on them here.
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Black Is Beautiful 2020 – Uncle Jamm’s Army

The first time I heard the name “Uncle Jamm’s Army” was in 2005. I was reading “Can’t Stop Won’t Stop” by Jeff Chang. They mentioned in the book and in the accompanying Dj D-Sharp mixtape. The Army is one of the most influential DJ crews in Los Angeles, California, and the US. Originally called Unique Dreams Entertainment, the crew was founded by DJ/promoter Roger Clayton. The crew would only consist of a handful of members at that time including Dr Funkenstein, Bobcat, Gid & Tony Martin, Les Sounds, and Egyptian Lover. But it would go on to have at least 15 members. Some of them did security, promotions, sound, or business. But most were professional party rockers. They DJed house parties, high school dances, prom’s, and would later throwing their own parties. They competed with other crews around at that time such as “World Class Wrecking Crew” (Lonzo, Yella, Dr. Dre) and LA Dream Team (Snake Puppy, Rudy Pardee).

The records and style of playing music later became the blueprint for one of LA’s first stations to play hip hop, KDAY. Founded in 1977 and existing until 1988 formally, the crew grew so popular that they packed arena’s meant for super stars with thousands of young people. The Army’s sound mixed Electro, New Wave, Funk, Techno, Rock, and an exploding new genre called Hip Hop. In fact, ask any DJs from LA or Cali and they will tell you what an impact they had on DJs generations after them. They’d hook up a dozen amplifiers, over 30 huge Cerwin Vega speakers and subwoofers, and eventually cats like Egyptian Lover started incorporating live drum machine beats and 808’s. They even put out their own records. And in the midst of rapidly growing gang war between the Crips, Bloods, and many other sets their dances provided a space for young people of all types to dance, socialize, be creative, and have fun.

Recently the crew was officially honored by the City of Los Angeles with October 28th becoming “Uncle Jamm’s Army” day. I want to give a shout out to its members, fans, supporters, and the DJs who were influenced by them including The Mixmasters and The Beat Junkies. I hope that Black History Month recognitions in the future will include them, the scene they created, and the sound they made flourish. Rest In Peace to its founder Roger Clayton.

In this image I wanted to portray just a few of guys as a representation of group which was much larger than 5 men. I also wanted to picture an analog record since that was the foundation of their sound. And lastly, I illustrated people dancing and having fun.

Sources: LA Weekly, Red Bull Music Academy Documentary, Cant Stop Won’t Stop

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When She Rises – LA Sparc

If you’re in the LA area please come through to this amazing show of ladies rocking all types of styles from Graffiti, photography, design, illustration, fine art, to activism. Its in Venice California on the west side of LA. See you there. More info here. Check out the line up curated by Erin Yoshi of TYS and When She Rises.