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Malcolm X Jazz Fest – May 20th in Oakland, CA


Eyy, the Malcolm x Jazz Fest is upon us again y’all. If you’re in the Bay come through to this. Bring your family, love, good energy, and good vibes. Flyer design by my wifey and art by Dime and Tarika Lewis.


I’ve been going to this event for 15+ years both as an attendee and as a vendor. Check out the activities.
Dig this? Check out this video from a few years back

Malcolm X Jazz Festival-19th annual

This is the 19th annual Malcolm X Jazz Fest!! I’ll be there selling books along side fellow author Jesse Byrd. Come through and get some new books, see people, dance, eat good food, chill out, and support the East Side Arts Alliance who throw the festival for the people of Oakland year after year. The artwork for the poster is done by Pablo Soto Campoamor and the design is done by my wife Joy Liu-Trujillo for Design Action!

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For more history and info, please visit East Side Arts Alliance

Malcolm X Jazz Fest-I’ll be there selling books

If you are in the Bay Area this coming weekend you are invited to come to the MXJF, A festival that has been going on for years! I have been going for years and i’m excited to be a vendor for the first time. I will be selling my first self published children’s book “Furqan’s First Flat Top” this weekend along with authors Melissa Reyes (I am Sausal Creek) and Jill Guerra (Long Hair don’t care). If you contributed to the kickstarter for this book you’ll be receiving your goodies very soon, but you can also come and cop the book from me this Saturday at the park. Love!!