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Black Lives Matter- Remember Trayvon

Here are some illustrations I did for Black Lives Matter/ The Movement 4 Black Lives as they remembered the anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s murder. Here is a statement from BLM:

“Five years ago today, Trayvon’s extrajudicial murder and his family’s commitment to ending gun violence and strengthening communities catalyzed a generation of organizers and activists to take action for Black lives.
Five years later, the same conditions that led to Trayvon’s death have been exacerbated under the Trump administration. Anti-Blackness is pervasive and implicit, and Black children and adults continue to be put on trial for our own murders.
The perceptions of Black people and Blackness in America, and globally, have resulted in the refusal to acknowledge the unique cultural contributions of Black people. Moreover, they perpetuate prejudice, deadly policing, racist legislation, and interpersonal violence.
Trayvon Martin’s death catalyzed us. Join us in remembering him. “
Sketch by: Rob Liu-Trujillo | Design by Laura Jenks