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Muphoric Sounds 44 – Curtis Mayfield (In the trunk)

It has been awhile since I did an “IN THE TRUNK” piece for Muphoric Sounds. If you have not heard this song by Curtis Mayfield I highly suggest you go on over to Muphoric Sounds : LINK
and listen to it. 
For those unaware, I have been writing as a contributing editor to Muphoric Sounds (a contemporary and old school music blog) since 2010 or 2009. It is a passion project for me because I love music, and the Chief editor Vanessa gave me a shot to write about old records I like. Please go there and listen to some of them. And if you’re a beat maker/producer definitely download those songs and use them! Hopefully they inspire some new sounds. Share and support good music. I also write a series there called “PRESS REWIND” about old beats. Tune in.