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A Journey to Understanding by O.M. Ajayi

Peace yawl, this is a monumental movement in progression and follow through. Almost two and a half years ago I started to hear my very good friend and co-worker O.M. Ajayi mention a film she was working on. I was so inspired by it that I did a drawing about all of the different hair styles I have gone through.It was something I knew right away that many Black people or people with kinky/curly/nappy hair could relate to. Over the course of the past time, my homie has been editing, re-editing, and cutting, to make this film come to life and she just had her first public showing of it, so now I can show you! Another special collaboration is coming from us very soon as well. Enjoy.In the film you will see some of the illustrations I did as well as some hand lettering.I am truly blessed to have worked with such a talented up and coming film maker.Look out for her yawl….

Intro – A Journey to Understanding from Olubusola Ajayi on Vimeo.