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Inktober 22- Mike Dream

This is Mike Dream, one of the pioneers of Bay Area Graffiti Art and Bombing from Oakland California via The Philippines. I met Mike when I was just ten years old in Richmond California at Hill top mall, and the last time I talked to him I was 19 on my way to work in Berkeley California. If you ever see me at an event or out and about, ask me about him. If you are unfamiliar with his name or his work, please look him up. He is one of the huge reasons why I was inspired to be an artist, and my life (like soooo many in the bay and across the world) wouldn’t be the same without his art, messages, advice, and example as a human being. Shout out to Spie, Vogue, Bam, Meut, Krash, his whole crew and all the folks who’ve ever painted/written his name. Shout to his lil brother, Akil, and the whole TDK family. RIP. If you are ever in Oakland California, you should visit “Dream Day” in August.

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