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Fotos from bella vista reading

Two weeks ago I read at a local Oakland school called Bella Vista, and here are some photos from the reading which had over 100 kids, parents and teachers. Photo credit.
This was a tough one because the crowd was big so I had a mic and walked around with a student to show the kids the pages of the book in between reading. Since 2012 I’ve done 1-10 school, library, or event readings with my books every year. Sometimes by myself and sometimes with another author.
I’ve spoken to pre school, elementary, high school, and college students. If you’d like me to come speak to your students give me a holler.
Dig this? Check out this visit to Columbus Ohio where I tabled at SOL Con and read to a local school. LINK

Testimony: Oakland Teachers re: school closures


This video gives some testimony by former and current teachers in Oakland California’s public school system. Their school Roots was closed by OUSD school board and there is a current fight to stop several schools from being closed in Oakland which predominantly serve Black and Brown students. Like most places, Oakland has its affluent and working class areas. Can you guess which areas are being targeted? 
This week has a bunch of actions
And here are some stats: via Reparations for Black Students

And here are some photos by Brooke Anderson showing demonstrations this past week.


KQED Arts -Oakland Teachers Strike!!

Yo!! Yesterday marked DAY ONE of the Oakland teachers strike here in the Bay Area. Like West Virginia, LA, Denver, Chicago, and many other cities Oakland’s teachers are striking to get more resources for their students, smaller class sizes, more nurses, counselors, and better pay so they can do their jobs effectively and live in the city they teach in. 
Artist and badass Thi Bui (Things we could do) organized a bunch of us local cartoonists to go to Oakland schools, interview teachers, and draw them so we could assist their fight for fair pay.
As a former after school enrichment teacher who worked in many Oakland schools and as a parent of a child that went from Kindergarten to 8th grade in an Oakland school i fully support Oakland teachers. And the more I hear about the district cheating the students out of $ for basic shit like books, pencils, usable libraries, and teachers that do not leave after one year I am furious.
Please go check out the artwork by the other artists and hear quotes direct from the teachers!
Shout out to all the Oakland organizers, parents, and union members bringing the fight to the district and the sate! Forward!