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Ethnic Studies Purple Pack


What up fam? I just made this new pack of Ethnic Studies merch featuring a painting you likely already saw and a new gold sticker. If you follow me you know this is important to me educationally and personally. Know a teacher, student, or colleague who would appreciate this? Send them the pack (1 print, 2 stickers). 
What is Ethnic Studies? Ethnic Studies for those who don’t know is an organized curriculum of books, films, lectures, music, and culture that explore all that US and American history left out about African Americans, Latin@S, Native Americans, and Asian Americans. It now includes curriculum about Middle Eastern Americans, and sometimes LGBTQ studies as well. I’m a product of ethnic studies and i’m very proud to support ethnic studies curriculum all over the US in EVERY SCHOOL.
Dig this? Check out this podcast w/ an ethnic studies teacher, Maestra Marisa Villegas

Bilingual Book deals

Yo, peace and blessings to you admist the chaos that is Amerikkka. I have just uploaded two new deals to my shop for those that are interested in sending someone a little love via bilingual books and such. The first one is a care package of books, bookmarks, and stickers. 

The second deal is just the books. And if you search on here you can go through and find reviews for both Furqan’s First Flat Top written and illustrated by me, and One of a Kind Like Me, written by Laurin Mayeno and illustrated by me. 
Did you see the last pack of bilingual book marks for COMICS Readers?