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Black is Beautiful 2020 – Paris

I still remember playing my cassette of “The Devil Made Me Do It” as a 5th grader in El Cerrito California. I would come home from school, finish my homework, and press play. I can’t remember how I was steered to Paris-The Black Panther from San Francisco, but whenever I think of the history of Bay Area Rap, Hip Hop, and revolutionary thought I think of Paris among many others. 
Paris broke some sonic barriers on the west coast by incorporating funk, bass, hard drums, and sharp lyrics that talked about the Panther Party, revolutionary movements, the evils of the US Government, real attempts to dumb Black folks down, the Nation of Islam, Drugs, Hood violence, economic self sufficiency, respect for Black women, and being aware. Studying. Not only that but he produced, made the beats slap by studying the funk of Larry Graham and George Clinton and adding his style to it. Something else P-Dog did was put other people on such as Oakland’s own Conscious Daughters and T-Kash. 
Over the years of major label and independent projects Paris has worked with Public Enemy, Dead Prez, The Coup, Immortal Technique, E40, Kam, Fredwreck, Mc Ren, KRSONE, Mystic, DJ True Justice, and many more. His music has been featured in many films and TV shows as well. If you’re not familiar with this cat go check out Guerilla Funk Recordings. Respect! 
Sources: Sway In the Morning, Guerilla,  East Bay Times, SF Gate
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Inktober 23- Mode 2

Heres a wrinkly page from my sketch book of artist Mode 2, born in Mauritius, brought up in London, and spent much time in Paris. The first time I saw his work was on the cover of “Spraycan Art” my mom bought me when I was just a little kid doodling.  Always been a HUGE fan of his work. If you look closely at some of my paintings of figures and characters you can see where his influence snuck in. Its not intentional, but I have always looked at his work both on walls and on canvas or paper. While checking out Refa 1’s “Aerosoul” art show in Oakland I actually got to meet him very briefly. Hope to work with him some day. If you haven’t seen his wall paintings of characters or his erotic art, look him up!

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