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Speaking w/ Prospect Sierra @ Pegasus Books

Yo, had a chance to speak and read to a bunch of families of the Prospect Sierra School in Berkeley California at Pegasus Books in support of a fundraiser for the school. This was only the second time I’ve presented about my work in relation to my art book “Art of Rob” and it was well received. Lots of young ones copped the book and I got to do some doodles in their books.
Some of the topics we discussed in this presentation were:
  • The power of representation in kid lit and media
  • Literacy and the path to reading for fun
  • My art, career timeline, family, and art inspiration
  • Diverse Books, self publishing, and the publishing world
  • Social justice movements, activism, and art
Pegasus books is an old bookstore based in Berkeley and Oakland. The Solano store has a huge selection of diverse kids books and I’m always like a kid in a candy store when I’m there. Prospect Sierra is an independent or private school in El Cerrito California. I have been doing school visits as a storyteller since 2012 and I worked as an arts teacher from 2002-2010. I don’t miss being a teacher, but I do love talking to young people!
Dig this? I’ve been presenting to, reading to, and speaking with young people in presentations like these for more than a decade. Check out some photos from a public school reading at Bella Vista in Oakland, or Woodland Elementary in Oakland.
Also, here’s is a link to an interview I did for Rightnowish on KQED.
Photos by Prospect Sierra

Art of Rob – Is now in 3 bookstores!

Sup with it fam? I’m excited to share that “Art of Rob” is making its way into actual community based independent bookstores. Juiced!!!! I love sharing information about bookstores because they are little cultural hubs for reading, art, politics, sometimes food, dating :), learning, and reading of course.
1. The Multicultural Bookstore – Richmond California
 260 Broadway, Richmond California 94804
 This bookstore was founded in Richmond back in 2016 or 2017. It is Black owned and has one of the largest selection of kids books featuring children of color. Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latinx, Middle Eastern, and Queer kids books. They specialize in picture books, but also carry middle grade, chapter books, YA, novels, biographies, and art books   🙂
2. Marcus Books– Oakland California
 3900 Martin Luther King Jr Way, Oakland, CA 94609
 This is the oldest Black owned bookstore in country y’all. Originally founded in San Francisco and Oakland, the Oakland location remains a staple for the Bay and the Black community. I shopped there as a teen for textbooks, as a young father, and now as a book creator myself. They have the widest selection of Black literature in the Bay period. Novels, non fiction, comics, picture books, photography books, biographies, cards, and art books!!
3. Pegasus Books – Berkeley and Oakland
 2 Locations in Berkeley, 1 in Oakland
Pegasus has been in the bay since 1969. This is a very cool and progressive store that has cook books, kids books, comics, novels, zines, posters, art books of course, and they buy, sell, and trade books. There are three locations in the East Bay and my book is at all three so cop it there!
One of the most amazing things about bookstores (and libraries for that matter) is the possibility of discovery. You might not even know you would see your friend there or find a book that you know a friend would cherish. That being said, visit these stores if you’re in the Bay. If there is a bookstore you cherish that would understand my little art book please let me know! My hope is that young people will discover something cool in this art book. Peace! Thx for reading. Stay tuned…
Note: If you have not received your book in the mail or you believe it got lost in the mail please message me here or email me at If you’d like to purchase a copy directly from me you can using this LINK
Dig this? Check out this video of fathers day 2022 by Marcus books. And if you have a bookstore I should get the book into, please let me know.

I was doing this for Furqan’s First Flat Top too, getting it into indy stores one at a time.


Sew Seoulful Zine now available at Pegasus Books in Berkeley,Ca

Peace the homie Ian overt Pegasus was nice enough to let a brother get the zine up in the store.Thanks Ian! If you havent been to Pegasus’ Books in the Btown, go check them out. They have a very laid back book store with benches and chairs for reading. Besides the love for underground and independent culture, wonderful old LP covers, old dvds, vintage books, they also have a very good childrens section that I had pull my son away from as we jetted to run more errands around the city. Look for more updates on the progress of SS.Vol.2 “Sew Seoulful”.Step by step! And go check out Ian’s artwork at . Im feeling the Farmer cow print Ian!