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CCR en Espanol, Urdu, and Arabic

Two years ago I illustrated the “If an agent knocks” booklet for the Center for Constitutional Rights in NYC. It’s a historic document meant for activists, cultural workers, and regular citizens standing up for their rights. Because the US government and intelligence agencies often watch, surveille, arrest, torture, and even kill folks who step out of line, documents like these are important. In January they asked me to redo the cover which was translated into Arabic, Urdu, and Spanish. This was challenging because of the language barrier, but a very rewarding process. I worked with art director Qa’id Jacobs again who is an incredible artist/dj in his own right. We also worked with graphic designer Ahmed Foula who checked the word translation and they all did an incredible job. If you want a book, comment or email me and i’ll send you one.

Center for Constitutional Rights
Original English Cover