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Facing Race Conference – Coloring Sheet


Hey fam, excited to share this coloring sheet I illustrated for Race Forward (formerly Colorlines). Shout out to Erin Zipper for bringing me in to do this. And shout out to Nicky Rodriguez who also illustrated a coloring sheet. Quickly, Facing Race is an annual conference where organizers, educators, artists, and regular folks like you get together to talk about racial justice. For some people that inspires eyes rolling, but for the eclectic mix of folks who go it is a lifetime of work. Learn more about it by following Race Forward and attending the conference virtually
And download the coloring sheet to have fun drawing!
Here’s a bit of process from the art making:

Final drawing used as a coloring sheet during the 2020 Facing Race conference.

Dig this? Here’s an illustration I did for Oakland Rising in the past and one done for an Elefint Designs collab w/ John Legend and the ACLU.

 Coloring sheets by myself and Nicky Rodriguez

Snippets from the drawing

Photos from Akonadi

Davey D, Joshua Mays, Janine Macbeth, and myself
Davey D, Joshua Mays, Janine Macbeth, and myself

Me, Janine, and Josh

Me and Janine Macbeth

My son and my wife

Josh, Vanessa Camarena, Ashara Ekundayo, Renee Geesler (Akonadi/ Mamacitas), Davey, George Galvis (Curyj), Janine Macbeth, Gina Acebo, Renee’s daughter and a few other folks I don’t know.
Here are some photos from a panel discussion with artists Joshua Mays, Janine Macbeth, and myself with journalist Davey D from Hard Knock Radio. Josh, Janine, and myself all contributed artwork to the Akonadi’s racial justice poster project

You can watch the talk here from their facebook 

Big shout out to Renee, Gina, Vanessa, and Lateefah from Akonadi and all the staff for putting on this event. Photos by Jean Melesaine