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Me in a Dashiki- by Rashid Johnson circa 2009

I must of been about 29 when he took this photo. I cant remember all the details of that day but I remember I caught the train up to Harlem to visit the Harlem Studio Museum to take photos for a project specifically. Didn’t know the brother or his work, but I came across his name recently and remembered that there was a photo of myself and some others out there. I don’t do many self portraits so it was nice to see. He shot a whole bunch of different people, as you will see. It was a part of his show “Shadow and Mirror’s”. You can hear him talk about it and another show below. The brother has a very interesting style. Some of it goes over my head and some of it I find hella tight. Art.

Rashid Johnson Makes Things to Put Things On | “New York Close Up” | Art21 from Art21 on Vimeo.
And the photo was hanging up here as well.