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Goapele Interview + fav songs


Nice interview w/ Goapele of Oakland talking about different points in her career. Brought back some memories and reminded me to peep her newer music.I’ll admit I am often impressed by Talib’s knowledge of Bay Area music. In this interview she talks about a bunch of stuff and could’ve listened to even more about her process, family, and future plans.
2001-Even Closer
Red White & Blues is a dope anti-war song she did right after the 9-11 attack in NYC. I remember watching her perform this at Frank Ogawa Plaza. I also love Childhood drama (Herbie hancock remix), Romantic, Too much the same, Things don’t exist, and of course the classic from the same album. 
CLOSER! produced by Amp Live of Zion-I.
And some more i love that you might like….
2005Change it All (also feat her activist roots) , Different w/ Clyde Carson (The Team), and First Love
2008Don’t be Shy is my jam, Milk & Honey
2011Play, Money
2017– Dreamseeker EP  Cool Breeze
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Stuff I’ve been listening to – 17 (Soul)

Welcome to the new normal. Every so often I will post a bunch of songs that I’ve had on heavy rotation. Why? I LOVE MUSIC. If I didn’t paint, that’s probably what I’d do. Here are some Rhythm & Blues/ Soul songs that have been keeping me warm. The first one is from Minneapolis’ Carlitta Durand who I heard of via Phonte.
Thee Sacred Souls (San Diego) are giving me mountains of soul! Peep this song.
This entire LP from  Lianne La Havas

(UK) is fire, but this is my favorite song from it.

Talk about sexy. This song is dripping with it. Love love love Sebastian Mikael, his sound, and his style.
Alex Mali (Brooklyn) gives me chills with the funk, pocket, and the slurred feeling of this song. So much style.
Dope mix of styles here with Seba Kaapstad (Germany/S. Africa).
This LA native Sunni Colón gives a nice intro to his LP Psicodelic here.
Greentea Peng (UK) I found through Colors and man has she dropped some heat in the last 2 years.
Saving the best for last, this jam from Alex Isley and Jack Dine (Both LA) is just the cherry on top to a series of songs and projects they’ve been doing together and this song is just flawless. Add the young Masego (Virginia) just kills it as a feature.
That’s it. Whenever I hear people say (insert musical genre) ain’t what it used to be I just think how much they’re missing. Mainstream outlets aren’t enough. Whether its Spotify, Soundcloud, Youtube, actual record stores, or my favorite (DJ mixes) just go digging for new music 🙂
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Kindred Journey 28 – H.E.R.

I’m sure most of you who love R&B and allow new artists into their heart have already heard of H.E.R. But if you’re new to her let me give a brief introduction. H.E.R. (Having Everything Revealed) first came on my radar on Daniel Ceasar’s song “Best Part”. One of the coolest things about her style is that she is not trying to do what everyone else was doing when she reemerged in the industry. Her music is something a soul lover of any age can feel. Gabby Wilson is a youngster from Vallejo California, home to greats such as Confunkshun, Mac Dre, and E40. She’s a Blasian kid (Pinay + Black) and from an early age her family had her in the mix of music making and enjoyment. She plays the drums, bass, and piano. I think she’s best known for her guitar licks and vocals. In a world of manufactured checklists of artists thus singer songwriter is a breath of fresh air and she’s just getting started. With them shades she invokes MF Doom and Daft Punk with a focus less about how she looks and more about what you hear. Please follow her, support her music, and check out her most recent effort to inspire “Girls with Guitar’s”.

Sources: Revolt, LA Times, Sway in The Morning
Fav song: Carried Away

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Black is Beautiful 3 (2017)- Memphis Minnie

Black people have given SO MUCH to what is American culture. That just needs to be said and folks need to be reminded of it. This is a piece of Memphis Minnie, one of many of the women who pioneered what today is Blues, Jazz, Swing, and Rock. She was born in 1897 in Algiers, Louisiana and grew up in Mississippi. She got her first guitar at the age of 8 or 10 and began a life as a musician in her early teens. She began playing with what was known as Jug bands Back in the day it was extremely rare to own an electronic device that played music, so live musicians played at homes, parties, bars, on the street, etc. She recorded her first song in 1929 and would go on to record around 200 songs with a career that spanned decades. She was known to be an extremely talented picker with the guitar and was one of the early pioneer is Blues to use an electric guitar. She was married to and played with Kansas Joe, she like so many migrated to Chicago. Known as the Queen of the country blues she played until her early 60s and needs much much more attention and credit. Some of her big tunes include “when the levee breaks, Hoodoo lady blues, I’m a bad luck woman, Bumble Bee, and if you see my rooster. Some cats still play her songs today.

Memphis Music hall of fame, MemphisMinnie.com, Youtube
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