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Stuff I’ve been listening to – 19 (UK artists)


Greentea Peng – Dingaling (2021)

It feels like I’ve been listening to a lot of UK(British) artists lately from a few genres but mostly hip hop and soul. Here are a few of those artists. Hearing how they do their own thing and flip soul, hip hop, jazz, or house really trips me out sometimes. One of my biggest wishes is for more US based MCs, vocalists, and producers to collaborate with them. Got some folks I should hear? Leave a comment!

Yusef Dayes & Tom Misch – Storm before the calm (2020)
Cleo Sol – Sweet Blue (2019)
Little Simz-Backseat  (2016)
Eric Lau-Masamba (2017)
Kokoroko- Carry me home (2021)
Nayana IZ – TNT (2020)
Sault – Little boy (2020)
Andrew Ashong – Never dreamed (2013)
I wish I could tell you where everyone is from but I do not always know. And I’m trying to include artists from the past 5-10 years mostly. If we were going back in time I would include artists like Soul 2 Soul, Massive Attack, Radiohead, Loose Ends, or Sade.
Omar – I want it to be (2016)
Zilo – Show me whats mine (2021)
Blue Lab Beats – Memories (2019)
Hawk House – Chill pill (2014)
Hollie Cook – That very night (2011)
Shout out to Osunlade, Gilles Peterson, Vanessa Warren, Thinkbeat Radio, and the Colors YouTube channel for some of the gems!

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