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Rethinking Schools feature for Alejandria


Yo, this just in, my new book “Alejandria Fights Back” got a mention in the new “Rethinking Schools” magazine. If you’re not hip, this magazine has been around since the mid 80s in Milwaukee by educators. They saw that the history books they had at the time were wack (still are, but getting better) and they decided to compile lessons for the babies involving ethnic studies, what would today be excluded as critical race theory, and social justice. As a trusted source by educators all over the US, and internationally. So, suffice to say this nod in the form of a feature is BIG and I have so much respect. If you want to get a physical or digital copy go here.
I was fortunate enough to do some artwork for the magazine many moons ago, peep that here. And shout out to AD Nancy Zucker! If you missed the post about Social Justice books, peep that here.

Rethinking Schools 2-Disabled Education

Heres an illustration for the latest issue of Rethinking Schools. This piece was done very quickly with the intent to illustrate the attitude and emotion parents of color and white parents face when advocating for a child with disabilities. In a kind of comic style. Although I’m not familiar with the subject, I enjoyed researching the article’s author Ruth Colker. A parent of a disabled child, Ruth not only fought for her son, but brings up some insightful points about how people navigate the system to make sure their child has the best possible education as possible. Seeing that children of color are placed in special ed or diagnosed with add/adhd many times over white children, this women’s article can be a valuable resource and so is “Rethinking Schools” (Read the article online). Thanks to my art director/designer Nancy Zucker!