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Sew Seoulful at RPS Collective in Oakland,Ca

Just got the Sew Seoulful back up at RPS Collective in Oakland. RPS has been folks since waay back. The whole TYS crew + the homies Tiffany Eng + Joy Liu (what up yawl!) did a show there in 06′ entitled “All City Sacred”. Annnd I used to teach DJing classes there. Now, when I started making zines they supported, sooo I had Vol.1 up in there and now heres Vol.2-Sew Seoulful. Peep the foto from their zine rack, the old SS.Vol1 was still up! Yeah!
If you have never been to RPS you gotta slide through and check them out. Far from doing art just for arts sake. RPS offers hella different workshops for anyone who wants to come through for sliding scale and they host community events on the reg.Go check them out. http://rpscollective.com/
photo credit goes to: artiscycle.net