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Sketchbook pg 3

Here’s a few pages from my last sketchbook for 2021-2022. Just finished this pad boy a month ago or so.
What’s a sketchbook page? A sketchbook is a great place to play, experiment, and practice. Been keeping one with me in one form or another for over 25 years. Some books are just for letters, some are for landscapes, some for writing down ideas, some for client work, and sometimes I mix them all up.
This page is from my most recent sketchbook tour. Check it out here
Dig this? Check out sketchbook pg 2

Video: Sketch book tour 2

Sup with it fam, here is my 2nd sketchbook tour. The first one I uploaded was at the beginning of the year. And this is a more recent sketchbook. Check it out. It’s fun to share sketches and process art with you all. I love seeing sketchbooks too and have kept them since I was a kid. Know of any cool sketchbook tours? Hit me up.
Sketchbook tour 2: LINK
Sketchbook tour 1: LINK
If you haven’t yet seen my kickstarter featuring my art, this is a preview of some of the art that would be in there. It reached its goal and stretch goals are up. The link for the campaign is here: ART of ROB

Sketchbook 2009-2010

Can’t show you everything, but on my behance, I made a project with a bunch of pages from my last sketchbook. Still working on my current book. Please let me know what you think, comment, share,etc.