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Video: Sketchbook Tour 4

I’m a sketchbook lover since I was a kid and I have tons of them. For the past 3 years I have been sharing them via video tours like these and specific sketchbook pages like this one from this same book.

What are these? This is a video where I flip through my sketchbook and show some of my doodles, drawings, paintings, and ideas in between client and personal work. Watch and share.

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Video: Sketch book tour 2

Sup with it fam, here is my 2nd sketchbook tour. The first one I uploaded was at the beginning of the year. And this is a more recent sketchbook. Check it out. It’s fun to share sketches and process art with you all. I love seeing sketchbooks too and have kept them since I was a kid. Know of any cool sketchbook tours? Hit me up.
Sketchbook tour 2: LINK
Sketchbook tour 1: LINK
If you haven’t yet seen my kickstarter featuring my art, this is a preview of some of the art that would be in there. It reached its goal and stretch goals are up. The link for the campaign is here: ART of ROB