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Special One- Black is Beautiful 9

Man, rest in peace to “Special One” aka Karryl Smith from the Conscious Daughters. The first time I hear the daughters I was like “I’m getting that tape” and I still have some TCD vinyl. Her style was rough, feminine, and masculine and she just had flow, timing, and cadence that its hard to find now days in the Bay. You could tell they took the time with their craft. Special One and her partner CMG were an incredible duo, classic Bay Area hip hop group who sold plenty records, toured extensively, and still have a loyal fan base. Shout out to CMG who I believe is still making music! And shout out to Paris of Guerilla Funk. Just wanted to pay my respects to this Bay legend who is dearly missed. “How we roll” is one of my favorites that I heard on a compilation and of course “Fonky Expedition” and “We roll deep”.